Why I Chose GiveNKind

Flori Che, Stevenson High School

GiveNKind Volunteer

It’s been just under a month since I first committed to volunteer for GiveNKind, a non-profit organization that connects usable goods with local nonprofits.

Throughout the beginnings of my high school career, I’ve encountered various non-profit organizations whether through fairs or clubs, each of them varying from their size and focus, and all of them motivated by the want to help out the community. However, none of them caught my eye quite like GiveNKind.

I first met the organization’s founder, Emily Petway, during a Zoom Meeting with my school’s Key Club where she went over positions she needed filled and events that they were holding. I’ve attended numerous volunteer recruitment meetings and the content of her presentation didn’t differ from any of the others’. It was Emily’s attitude towards her work, however, that piqued my interest in the organization. She greeted us all with a smile, having just come back from helping move some items from the warehouse, and proceeded to cheerfully talk to us about upcoming events. When she came across an event that a volunteer in the meeting had participated in, she encouraged them to speak about their experience without pressuring them, forming a space where members could feel safe to speak up.

Zoom meetings, especially for those leading them, can be intimidating and discouraging, but Emily somehow formed it into an experience where volunteers felt comfortable enough to unmute themselves and speak up. I left with a positive first impression of GiveNKind, knowing that the organization’s founder was someone who was not only passionate for her work, but could also connect with her volunteers.

The final push towards my commitment to the organization took place on social media when I saw a few of my classmates organizing fundraisers and drives for GiveNKind. These were classmates I’ve known for over a year and seeing them lead such big projects for the first time was a pleasant surprise. This big leap from people who I had known to be passive into people who took the initiative not only inspired me, but made me realize that GiveNKind was also a place that builds leaders.

And that is why I chose and will continue to work with GiveNKind because, more than anything, a community where volunteers feel safe and inspired matters the most.

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