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GiveNKind partners with businesses and manufacturers seeking a responsible way to donate seasonal, returned, close-dated, or overstock products to nonprofits.

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The Case For Donating

Choosing the best solution for excess goods can be challenging, especially with unknowns that may impact your company’s bottom line. An Indiana University study found,

“Based on financials alone, product donation is superior to disposal in most circumstances. While reselling inventory through liquidation or salvage markets often results in keeping just 10-30% of the value of the product, the special tax deduction [of donating] can be as much as twice the cost basis…”

Kelli L. McGiverin-Bohan
The Business Case for Product Philanthropy

The study found additional benefits to product philanthropy:

  • Product donations enhance the image of a company similar to marketing and advertising programs.
  • Consumers are swayed more by a company’s social purpose than brand loyalty.
  • Employees demonstrate greater commitment to employers they view as socially responsible.
  • Job seekers show a greater willingness to accept offers from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

The Process


Donation Form

Submit the form. Tell us about your donation, the quantity, location, and product dates.


Product Review

Our team will review the donation and email a plan of action within 48 business hours.


Donation Receipt

A donation receipt will be emailed to you when the process is complete.


Most frequent questions and answers

GiveNKind operates a resource distribution center in Buffalo Grove, IL, which serves over 600 Chicagoland charitable nonprofits. Our nonprofit partners distribute products to families in need as part of their programs. Nonprofits are not permitted to sell products or exchange them for other goods or services. 

GiveNKind specializes in personal care, home goods, school supplies, cleaning and household goods, shoes, toys, and more. If we cannot accept a product, we may be able to recommend another organization that may be a fit for your donation.

Donations are subject to approval by GiveNKind. We do not accept expired products, dietary supplements, products that are missing parts, and items that reference alcohol, drugs, or politics, or contain explicit language. 

GiveNKind evaluates every donation request to determine the best placement depending on the product, quantity, and location. Some donations are received at the GiveNKind Center in Buffalo Grove, IL, and others are placed directly with nonprofits across the United States. Once we review the donation, we will advise you of your options.

GiveNKind does not charge companies to donate products.

We may recommend shipping donations directly to the GiveNKind Center based on the quantity and how quickly the donation has to be removed, for instance, to avoid storage charges from the 3PL. GiveNKind does not cover shipping expenses; however, these expenses can be included in your donation receipt. 

We understand that space in your warehouse is time and money. Depending on the location of your donation and whether it’s stored with a 3PL, the donation process takes a few days up to 2 weeks.

After the donation process is complete, GiveNKind will email you a donation receipt that includes the value of the donation. The value is determined by the company submitting the donation form.

GiveNKind accepts donations from companies after review and approval. We do not accept individual donations from the community. Many local organizations would be thrilled to receive your donation. We recommend Googling “nonprofits near me” to find a nonprofit to donate to.

Partnering with GiveNKind can enhance your business’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). GiveNKind’s program provides solutions to environmental and social issues.

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Move excess products quickly, knowing that your donation is helping communities in need, and never resold. It’s a win-win for you and the community.