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Donation services in one place

GiveNKind partners with businesses and manufacturers searching for a responsible way to donate excess, misprinted, returned, or obsolete stock to nonprofits.

Submit the Product Donations form or email contact@givenkind.org to set up an appointment to talk with us about your company’s needs.

The Case for Donating

Choosing the best solution for your excess goods can be challenging, especially with unknowns that may impact your company’s bottom line. An Indiana University study found that,

"Based on financials alone, product donation is superior to disposal in most circumstances. While reselling inventory through liquidation or salvage markets often results in keeping just 10-30% of the value of the product, the special tax deduction [of donating] can be as much as twice the cost basis..."

The study finds additional benefits to product philanthropy:

  • Product donations enhance the image of a company similar to marketing and advertising programs.
  • Consumers are swayed more by a company’s social purpose than brand loyalty.
  • Employees demonstrate greater commitment to employers they view as socially responsible.
  • Job seekers show a greater willingness to accept offers from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Submit this form with information about the products you would like to donate now or for future donations. A GiveNKind team member will contact you within 48 hours. Thank you.

You may also call us at (847) 802-8977 if you have questions before submitting this form.

GiveNKind does not accept the following:

  • expired products
  • products in support of a political candidate
  • products with references to alcohol or drug use, or with explicit or profane language
  • CBD/THC/Cannabis derivatives
  • vitamins, dietary supplements and homeopathic medicines are subject to review