Resource Rescue

Facilitating responsible giving to benefit our community and the environment.

GiveNKind partners with businesses and manufacturers searching for a responsible way to donate excess, misprinted, or obsolete stock through our relationships with more than 450+ nonprofits. From boxes to pallets, box trucks to semis, GiveNKind provides a streamlined way for businesses and manufacturers across the country to re-home items responsibly. Submit a form to learn more about the process or if you have products to donate at this time. Email if you have questions. 



Submit your donation request online and GiveNKind takes care of the rest. Free up valuable space by quickly clearing out excess goods. All nonprofit recipients are federally recognized and donations are never resold.

Build Your Brand

Be featured in GiveNKind’s social media posts showing your brand making a difference in the community. You may also opt out - the choice is always yours, but 61% of U.S. consumers are looking for brands that support sustainability. The number is even higher among young consumers.

Better for the Environment

Join the circular economy and help reduce the waste in our local landfills. Over 5 billion pounds of online merchandise returns ends up in U.S. landfills each year. Donations help ease need in our communities.

Tax Deductible

Donating inventory is less expensive than disposal or liquidation and generates tax benefits. GivenKind provides receipts for the value of your donations.

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