Creating New Opportunities at RLA

GiveNKind recently traveled to the Reverse Logistics Association Conference in Las Vegas to learn more about reverse logistics (i.e. what happens to all of those customer and business returns) and to encourage businesses to utilize nonprofits as part of their solution to excess and returned goods. 

“I was impressed with how welcoming reverse logistics professionals were to nonprofits,” said Emily Petway, GiveNKind’s Executive Director. We are all looking for solutions to excess goods and environmental sustainability is at the forefront of many of these conversations. Petway served on a panel discussion with two other nonprofits to highlight the financial and social benefits of product donation instead of liquidation or disposal. 

“We met with several national retailers, 3PLs (Third Party Logistics Providers), and transportation companies that have a footprint in the Chicago region and we made great headway,” shared Anne Bailey, GiveNKind program manager. GiveNKind is sourcing more personal care items and household goods in order to support the nonprofit partners. “The GiveNKind Center is buzzing but we are always thinking about how we can do more,” said Bailey.

“It is not uncommon for excess goods to be disposed off to ‘protect the brand’ but consumer demand is changing this,” said Carla Maranto, director of development and communications. “Returned goods is a whole other level. There is desire to reuse and recycle but incredible challenges to processing returns. It’s the perfect time to have a seat at the table for these conversations as companies attempt to reverse engineer the supply chain. We are at the right place at the right time to make a real difference.”

GiveNKind staff at RLA (left to right): Anne Bailey, program manager, Emily Petway, executive director and founder, Carla Maranto, director of development and communications.

GiveNKind managed the distribution of $9.67 million in donated goods to local nonprofits in 2022. Founded in 2012, GiveNKind began serving as a gift-in-kind intermediary in 2018 serving Chicagoland and beyond. Learn more product donations or call (847) 802-8977. Nonprofits, register online to become a GiveNKind partner.