GiveNKind began as a local movement to help fulfill the needs of Chicagoland nonprofits by matching them with an individual with a specific donated item. Occasionally, GiveNKind received calls from businesses and distributors looking for placements for their excess goods. These calls increased over time, and GiveNKind responded. GiveNKind’s programs have evolved to solve resource issues on a larger scale.

Today’s GiveNKind reflects our growing commitment to helping people and the environment by partnering with businesses to manage their excess goods better.


GiveNKind Center Chicagoland

GiveNKind operates a resource redistribution center that serves Chicagoland nonprofits. Donated goods benefit hundreds of nonprofits, fulfilling needs in our communities.

GiveNKind Direct

Outside of Chicagoland, GiveNKind facilitates the placement of donated products directly with nonprofits. A well-matched donation benefits business donors and recipient organizations.


$6.55 million in resources placed in Chicagoland

1,003 requests fufilled

GiveNKind Resource Redistribution Center expanded by 67%

159 nonprofits received resources