Transforming excess goods into community resources

GiveNKind facilitates responsible giving to benefit our community and the environment. From boxes to semi-trailer trucks, GiveNKind is your nonprofit partner for managing excess products.

Serving Chicagoland

GiveNKind provides access to essential goods to nonprofits in Chicagoland. 

GiveNKind was founded in 2012 and started managing excess goods in 2018. In 2023, GiveNKind provided $10.12 million in resources to Chicagoland nonprofits, saving nonprofits millions of dollars and helping local communities. We proudly partner with businesses looking for environmentally and socially responsible ways to manage excess goods.

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Creating a generous and sustainable economy where excess goods fill essential needs in communities

Our Impact

"We are so grateful for the Welly First Aid Kits! They were distributed to children in our Back to School bags. We serve 900 Chicagoland children and strive to provide the basics (hygiene, clothing, shoes school supplies, winter wear, undergarments, books, etc. Thank you!
"We are thankful for the generosity of GiveNKind and their donors. The many boxes of cleaning supplies we received will provide incentive items for participants in our life skills classes, helping relieve their budgets of expenses not covered by other social programs."
"We have known GiveNKind for over three years, and the donations we receive have helped us serve more communities. We were recently blessed to receive costumes for the community of Harvey, IL. We were able to see smiles on over 200 children's faces. We also received tarps to help those sleeping on the streets to stay as warm as possible.


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