Your support matters

Make a Donation

While giveNkind is currently an all volunteer site, we have to keep the servers running, keep the ShipBob shipments shipping, and keep the lights on at our new sort and storage facility! For every $1 you donate, at least 6 times that amount in goods are connected to a nonprofit in need.

Here is how your gift makes a difference-

$1 - helps $7 worth of goods get to a nonprofit

$68 - Sends a shipment of donated items anywhere in the country

$100 - Keeps our servers running for the month to support our IT team and online donation web hub

$250- Sponsors our item collection and volunteer sorting site for 1 month

Want to really go big?

$1200 - Takes care of 1 year of our online servers

$2000- Gets us a dedicated developer to build some of the database features on our own wish list!

We have big dreams of building a staff to better serve the nonprofit community and help donors repurpose their goods and those dreams. Help us help other nonprofits by donating.