Host a Donation Drive or Adopt a Wish List



Your community group, class, family, and friends together can make a difference for nonprofits in need by collecting a single wish list item.  Selecting one item that is commonly needed among a number of nonprofits such as hygiene products, socks, or school supplies can benefit many nonprofit organizations.  We can help you get started and find the best fit nonprofit and donation drive to host.

Another way to make an impact is to adopt a nonprofit's wish list with your family, Bunco club, Girl Scout Troop, Lions club, or in honor of a special birthday or event. We can help you find a nonprofit wish list to adopt and help you connect with nonprofits.


Whether you want to help make a difference by collecting one item to benefit many nonprofits or many items to benefit one nonprofit we are ready to help!  Share with us some information and we'll contact you to get started!

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Host a Drive or Adopt A Wish List
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