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Our Story

At GiveNkind, our mission is to make giving more personal and purposeful. We do this by providing a searchable, online database that creates opportunities for individuals with items to donate to find, and directly connect with registered nonprofits that can repurpose those items for good within their community.


Make an impact.

We work to cultivate relationships that drive lasting positive impact in communities.


Democratize giving.

We believe that people want to do good. We continuously iterate and innovate on technology to make doing good accessible to all.


Serve community.

We operate with an understanding that local giving can have a long-term effect in strengthening our community.


Individual Donors


Business Donors




Do you have items in your home or at work that you aren't using? Create a donor list that can be seen by nonprofit organizations and search their wish lists to see what charities already posted!       


Product trial runs, canceled, and returned goods can be put to great use in the hands of local nonprofits. Save warehouse space, receive a tax receipt, and support organizations in need!

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Let donors know what your needs are and search donor lists to see what is available. If you don't ask you never know what is out there that can help your organization serve your community!             


Drop Off Items or Volunteer


Nonprofit Community Partners

Here are just a few of our nonprofit partners who have already registered on giveNkind. 

See our full list at Community Partners.


Corporate Community Partners

These businesses' gifts are helping to support giveNkind and our nonprofit partners.


Announcing our Fall 2018 iHeart Media Chicago Community Partnership

giveNkind is proud to be a 2018 iHeart Media Community Partner.  This October-November, giveNkind will be heard 50 times across 6 Chicago iHeart Radio Stations, including a 1-hour interview. Listen for us and join in our community of giving!


How It Works

See how giveNkind helps donors and nonprofits connect.


Stories of Success

Homelessness takes many different forms. In the case of Edwin, it was about finding somewhere secure
to stay. To make a house a home, Edwin needed somewhere he could sit other than his bed. giveNkind
donor Alexandra was cleaning out her basement furniture when she connected with Connections for
the Homeless. With the help of giveNkind and corporate partner Gone Guys, the furniture was picked
up from Alexandra and delivered to Edwin’s new home.

To learn more about the nonprofits we serve, please visit our Community page.