Hurricane and Flood Recovery Efforts - Giving Gifts to Help


As North Carolina reels from the hurricane and flood waters, giveNkind is working with North Carolina Baptist on Mission who is on the ground assessing the needs of people impacted by the storm. We are in close communication with the organization who has much experience in disaster recovery efforts. While the right kind of donations can nourish, comfort, and protect those who are recovering, unwanted material gifts, as documented by CBS Sunday Morning in 2014, can actually impede efforts. It is for this reason that we are working directly with the experts on the ground who have communicated specific needs and have networks to mobilize the distribution of requested goods.

Here is where we are looking for your help! Please consider donating these requested items, hosting a drive, or serving as a drop off location. Donations can be dropped off at the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire- now through Tuesday, September 25.

·       Canned food

·       Hygiene items: shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, 

·       Baby products (diapers, formula, wipes, baby powder, diaper cream, baby food)

·       Cleaning supplies (cleaning solution, paper towel, rags, scrubbers, gloves)

·       Building materials

Any donation amount is encouraged and shows storm victims they are supported even from miles away.

For questions about donations or to volunteer, please reach out to

Emily Petway