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With over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the United States, deciding where to give can be overwhelming. While every nonprofit can use monetary donations, they can also use items to help their organizations operate and serve their clients.

We would like you to meet giveNkind- our nonprofit run by a team of volunteers and created to help other nonprofits fill their wish list needs.  Our mission is to make it easier for people and businesses to support nonprofits in need by donating items they already have, but no longer use.

The New York Times found that this new generation of donors “Given the vast options at their fingertips, they (donors) want to be able to see and measure how those gifts are making a unique impact.” At giveNkind, we connect donors and nonprofits directly to make in-kind giving personal and purposeful. Giving goods that fill nonprofit needs can be a productive way for donors to repurpose unused or surplus items, and provide focus for businesses and community group charity drives to make meaningful impacts on their communities.

The giveNkind actively helps individuals, companies, and service organizations make a unique impact and connection to organization in their community. If that sounds interesting to you, here are a few ways you can help:

  • Become a donor today.  Visit to set up an account or view our donor video to get started. Individuals with new and gently used goods can post their items and view wish lists. Register and get started today! Companies with surplus, canceled or returned orders, product trial runs, or discontinued lines can see that product put to good use in the hands of nonprofits serving the community. Visit our business and corporate donor page to let us know what product you have to give.

  • Host a collection drive or adopt a nonprofit.  Get a group of friends, social, or community group together and host a collection drive to gather items for donation.  Examples of things organizations often request include: toiletries, feminine products, paper towel, toilet paper, socks, backpacks, craft supplies, office paper to name a few!  You can adopt a nonprofit’s wish list or choose specific collection items that will benefit a number of organizations. Need help getting started? Reach out to a member of our giveNkind team at

  • Help with item drop-off.  Just like our operations team, our delivery network is also volunteer-based.  We are always looking for people willing to help us transport items from donors to nonprofits when donors need an extra hand.  If you have a car and are in the Chicagoland area, we could use your help to pick up items along your route and deposit them at our local drop-off points. Does your business have space and can serve as a drop off point? Our team will get you set up with a quick and easy process to help set up!

If we can help you get set up online, answer questions, help with an item drive, or assist you in finding a home for your donated goods, please reach out to us at or call 847-802-8977. We hope to see you online!

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