giveNkind: How to Join Our Community of Giving

In celebration of our homepage's new look and feel, we want to welcome new donors and nonprofits who are finding us for the first time. We are ever changing and evolving to better connect donors and nonprofits.  Right now you probably have something in your home that you no longer use and is taking up space. That very same item that is no longer purposeful in your home could be the very item a nonprofit needs to serve a client, make their program run more smoothly, or extend their reach in the community. At giveNkind, we want to help make that connection between donors and nonprofits- and do it free of charge.

Here is how it works:

gNk_HowItWorks (1).jpg

Nonprofits and donors can view the video clips below that will show the basics of how the site works. After a transaction is initiated, an auto email is sent to the other party. The email address for the giving or receiving party is available on the transaction page for nonprofits and donors to connect directly and arrange a pick up or drop off in exchange for a donation receipt. 

At giveNkind we are overwhelmed at the kindness of our donors and the incredible, life changing work of our nonprofit partners. A simple way to get involved and start a chain of giving is to post on  Donors, don't wait for a nonprofit to post a wish for an item you have and nonprofits, don't wait until a donor posts what you need. Start the chain reaction of giving by posting now. Register, login, and make a giveNkind post.  If you need help finding a home for your items, transporting a donation, or nonprofits, if you are in search of something specific, please reach out.  We are committed to helping you make our community stronger with purposeful giving.  We look forward to seeing you on!


Emily Petway