BEcause- A New Nonprofit

Marketplace Coming Soon


What if we could give More?

When we ask giveNkind nonprofit partners “How can we help you? What do you need?”, the responses are many. Our platform helps fill those needs by helping nonprofits find the new and gently used items they need- but what if we could do more?

giveNkind is working to create an online marketplace for nonprofit merchandise, giving organizations a place to sell their unique goods. Donated goods from giveNkind will always remain that, donated and items donated through giveNkind aren’t resold but used directly by the receiving nonprofit. These items for sale on BEcause will be produced by nonprofits for fundraising purposes. Sales from the site will provide another way for giveNkind to support our nonprofit partners and to also keep our site free for all users.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our new marketplace we call BEcause.

If you are a nonprofit and are interested in learning more about our new marketplace, please reach out to us at